Why should I contribute to a Mantura Project

There are many reasons why you should contribute to a mantura project, most of which are listed below, in recommended order of merit and probability, and one or more of these may apply to you.  Start with the lower reasons and aspire for the higher and you wont go wrong.

1. You are doing a favour for a friend or someone you trust and respect.

2.  You will enjoy doing the task at hand and may learn something from it.

3. You will produce something tangible that will benefit your career (e.g. Something you can add to your CV or work-experience)

4. You will extend your network of contacts by working together in one or more virtual teams .

5. You could help create new and exciting products that may not otherwise come to market by helping entrepreneurs and visionaries bring the ideas come to life.

6. You may get paid for your work by participating in the new Gig Economy that Mantura Projects are part of.

7. You could form part of the team that creates the next ‘Unicorn’, (e.g. Facebook, ebay, Uber, Flappy Bird, Tetris etc) .

The ‘Mantura Project’ itself is the ‘Unicorn’ we are aspiring to produce but if we produce something ‘cool’ that we can add to our CVs without making us  any money – that is fine to.

Please help us achieve our vision and you achieve yours by passing this message on <link to be inserted>