Mantura Micro Roles

All Mantura projects start with a visionary. The Visionary knows what the end-product will look and feel like, how it will behave, what it does for its customers, how it will make money, what value it will bring to society etc – ‘It’s their baby’

To start a Mantura project off the Visionary only needs to create an ‘Elevator Pitch’ that will grab the attention of a Manturian Project Manager. Whilst this is the only thing they need to do to ‘kick-off’ there project they can optionally supply a collection of over information about the project in order to improve its chance of success.

Project Manager
A Mantura Project Mananger is the person who manages the project and delivers the Visionarys vision by using the Mantura tools and methodologies.

Understand the Visionarys vision
Understand the Archtect design
Select the team
Run the Mantura Scrums and Sprints
Work with Visionary and Archetect to allocate the shares and the end of each sprint

The architects role is exactly the same as any other Architects role in the regular IT world expect they deliver their services using Mantura tools and methodologies.

Work with Visionary and PM to allocate shares after each sprint

EC2: Admin

Graphic Designer

Front End Developer

Back End Developer


Environment Manager

At any given time a investor can buy shares in a project through the Mantura market place

At the end of each sprint each team member is allocated a number of shares for there contributions this shares can be trade on the Mantura market at any time. As the project goes on more shares will be allocated per sprint effectively devaluing the value of previous shares allocated but, given the project would have moved on since last sprint it should have increase in value to offset the dilution.

For Kickstarter,
Which came first the chicken or the egg; similarly which came first the Mantura protal and tools of the Mantura Methology – the answer: The Methodogy.
The Mantura portal and tools are being being by the Mantura Methodology.

Example Projects
Texas Hedge’Em
Flappy Birds
Track Ur Health