SOP: Set up Putty to SSH to AWS EC2 server


  1. You have a public DNS name of a EC2 server you wish to connect to, for example …
  2. You have a valid userid to connect to above instance, for example
    • ec2-user
  3. The server you wish to connect to is online.
  4. You need to have been provided with a certificate (.ppk file) and passphrase that you will need to authenticate yourself. Try downloading this file and saving as mantura.key: mantura


1. Download and install putty

2. Launch putty and enter <username>@<hostname> in the hostname field but do not hit save or open yet.


3. Use the left nav bar to navigate to the ‘Auth’ dialogue and click ‘Browse’ to specify the certificate you need to use to connect this host.  Again do not hit open just yet.


4. Click the ‘Session’ item in the top of the left-navigation bar and click save remember your setting for next time. (Note however you may have to update the hostname if the virtual instance you are connecting to is shutdown since the last time you used.


5. Click on Open and when/if prompted enter the Passphrase for your certificat.



Further reading and source for this SOP