If I post my idea on Mantura wont it been copied and someone else make money other than me?

Possibly/Probably – but lets provide you with some reassurance to say why we think this is not a significant concern.

Think of lots of successful products and brands that could be easily copied then ask yourself the question … “if I wanted to copy those myself would I do it?” … some examples to ponder: eBay, Facebook, Monopoly, Roulette, Flappy Birds, Tetris, Three Card Poker etc.  In most cases no-one will copy the idea until it is sucessful and by the time it is successful you have either made your money and are happy (Flappy Birds, ThreeCardPoker,Tetris etc) or you have built a strong brand or user base that copying the product is unlikely to be a viable proposition (e.g. Facebook, ebay or Kickstarter).  In the case of the Mantura Project we are ‘eating our our dogfood’ and have been open with our designs and concepts since its inception.  If this reassurance is not enough for you, you still have the option of posting a private project that only those you invite and trust or those who sign NDAs can see.

On another note, the creator of the Mantura Project learnt from costly mistakes (both in terms of time and money) that being overly-concerned about IP protection can be the thing that kills the product … what is the point of protecting a product if it never gets lauched or is launched after someone else’s product got to market first.  In the case of Texas Hedge’Em we wasted thousands of pounds and almost a year trying to secure a US patent.  In the meantime lots of competitor products launched making the Hedge’Em proposition far less unique and valuable.  It was a similar story for Schemation; in 2002 Database Continuous Integration was in its embryonic stages and the opportunity for companies to launch new products were great but we made the mistake of trying to hide schemation from the world until every single bug was fixed. By the time we got live we ran-out-of-steam and there were too many other competitor products on the market and the barriers  to entry were to high.

In summary our advise is: adopt ‘the lean way’, get your product out there fast and use Mantura to do it better and faster than others – you will either ‘learn early’ and find your idea was not as great as you first thought it was and would have saved lots of time and money – or you would have build the next ‘unicorn’ that can’t easily be copied.

Ignore this bit … this is notes for simon to type up.   CA Service Now could easily copy mantura now – I am not concerned. (Mar 2017, 0 users).  Typically big business like to be ethical re copying IP. (On flip side many will copy even if you do have protection almost redering protection meaningless – also you need to pay a lot of money to protect.  Boolean logic suggests dont protect